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Why Can't I Just See The Price?

Many of our customers have wondered Why can’t I just see the prices? when they've been browsing our huge online inventory on our website. We do not post prices on our new RVs online for a couple of reasons, and we want to share these reasons with you!

We do our best here at Tradewinds RV to establish solid relationships with our RV manufacturers. Experience has taught us that these close ties lead to better deals on RVs for us and our customers. When RV manufacturers lower prices for us, we in turn lower prices for you, our valued customer! However, in doing so, the manufacturers ask us to avoid posting our low prices online in the name of competition. For the dealers who do not receive such deep discounts, they simply can not compete with our pricing and could potentially be faced with closing their doors. To make it fair for everyone in the industry, we do not post our prices online and instead ask that you contact one of our friendly, knowledgeable sales people for more information on our RVs. You can call, click, or visit them in person and they'll be happy to help you find the perfect RV for you!

Located in Michigan, we are just a stones throw from many of our RV manufacturers. With short delivery routes (approximately 200 miles!) from them to us, they charge us a minimal delivery fee. But for an RV dealer in California, they face a 2,000 mile delivery fee from the factory to their dealership! These miles add up quickly, and so does the cost! And guess who pays for this delivery fee? You guessed it, the customer. The delivery fee is just tacked onto the posted price of an RV. At TradeWinds, we pass the huge delivery savings on to our customers. This is just one of the reasons we’re able to offer such unbeatable pricing on so many RVs.

When you purchase an RV, there are many things that can affect the price of a unit. You might choose to add an entertainment package or upgrade the furnishings on a base model. You might be trading in your "rusty but trusty" RV for a newer one and will have a credit applied to your purchase. And often, we offer discounts and promotions that will help lower the cost of a unit. As you can see, the cost isn't cut and dry. And since we can't anticipate everything that may be involved in each sale, we don't want to post a price that might reflect the lowest price. And if we can't post our lowest price, we don't want to post any price at all!

Tradewinds RV didn't become one of the top RV dealers in the country by accident. We strive to be the best in pricing and customer service. Experience it for yourself by visiting us in person or checking us out online!

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