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What Size Garage is Right for You?

When you're gearing up for an extreme outdoor adventure, you need to know what toys can fit into your toy hauler RV. Whether you already own a toy hauler and are considering buying a new toy or two, or you need to know what size of toy hauler to buy for your toys, we're here to help! We’ve compiled some basic measurements and weights of the most commonly owned recreational toys to help you figure out how to make all your toys fit!

Garage Sizes

The majority of toy hauler RVs are designed with a 7.5-8' width. The length of toy hauler garages range from 7-18', but the majority of them are 10-14' long. In addition to available space inside the garage, you also need to know how much weight a toy hauler can handle. Determine the GVWR of the trailer and also the dry weight. The amounts should be noted on the information sticker you'll find somewhere on the RV. Subtract the dry weight from the GVWR to determine how much more weight you can put in it.

The Toys

You can put almost anything in a toy hauler, but the most common toys we see being loaded into them are ATVs, SSVs, dune buggies, motorcycles, and snowmobiles. These can all range in size, but to give you an idea of what might fit and where, we'll use the smallest and largest dimensions we could find (that are standard).

Youth-sized ATVs weigh around 250 pounds and measure about 60”L x 37”W x 35”H. The larger utility ATVs weigh in at around 820 pounds and measure about 94”L x 46”W x 44”H.

Smaller side by sides weigh around 1,290 pounds and measure around 118”L x 59”W x 72”H. The bigger utility units weigh around 1,560 pounds and measure about 150”L x 59”W x 76”H.

Dune Buggies
When you measure your dune buggies, make sure to include the cage (unless you plan to remove it every time you load it up). The smaller dune buggies weigh around 175 pounds and measure roughly 53”L x 31”W x 37”H. The larger ones weigh about 1,500 pounds and measure around 165”L x 78”W x 80”H.

Youth-sized snowmobiles weigh about 150 pounds and measure around 72”L x 35”W x 31”H. The larger adult snowmobiles weigh 500 pounds and measure around 135”L x 50”W x 51”H.

Do you have any tips or tricks on loading toys and cargo into a toy hauler? Share them in the Comments below! We'd love to hear from you!

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