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What Are The Different Types of Floor Plans and What Do They Mean?

Shopping for a new RV can be overwhelming. From deciding on what type of RV you want to what amenities you want included, the options can be astounding. During the selection process, you may have found yourself wondering, What are the different types of floor plans and what do they mean? To help simplify the answer, we've broken down the different floor plan options, from family-friendly bunkhouses to spacious rear garages, and highlighted some of their unique benefits. The sooner you decide what floor plan suits you best, the sooner you'll be starting that adventure of a lifetime!

Front Kitchen/Rear Kitchen

Floor plans that boast either front kitchens or rear kitchens are simply talking about the location of the kitchen within the RV. Rear kitchens, found in the back of the unit, typically include more countertop and storage space for easy meal prep. If you plan on doing a lot of cooking in your RV, a rear kitchen may be the way to go, such as the one seen in this Premier 29RKPR. Front kitchens are beneficial because you don't have to carry your groceries very far to put them away. If convenience is a dominating factor for you, a front kitchen might be more advantageous. You can always maximize your kitchen space with a few simple organization hacks if you want to make the most of a front kitchen.


Floor plans that feature a bunkhouse, such as this Bullet 330BHS, include a separate sleep space apart from the master bedroom. These rooms typically house bunk beds, although some do include flip-up beds, futons, or trundle beds. Bunkhouse floor plans are designed for families, so if you are camping with little ones, an RV with a bunkhouse will probably suit you best. The main advantage of this floor plan is the added sleeping capacity. If you choose an RV with a bunkhouse, it will give your kids a place to call their own, and it will give you a greater chance of having some peace and quiet too!

Den Area

Den areas can take on many forms within the floor plan of an RV. Typically, a den area is a bonus room that can operate as an office, study, living space, or even a sleep space. If you are planning on RVing full time and working remotely, a den area could give you an ideal office space. If you have little ones that might occasionally join you for an adventure or two, a den area can also act as a great spare bedroom for overnight guests!


A fireplace is a lovely addition to any RV, and many floor plans come standard with one of these cozy features. Models, such as this Catalina Legacy Edition, house the fireplace beneath the entertainment center, allowing the radiating heat to spread warmth throughout your living space. Aside from the captivating ambiance that a fireplace adds, they can also be practical to use for those chilly nights spent snuggled inside the RV!

Front Living/Rear Living

Floor plans labeled as either front living or rear living are describing the location of the living space within the RV. The living space typically consists of comfy seating and some form of an entertainment center. Front living spaces, like the one seen in this Jayco Pinnacle, typically take on the look and feel of a traditional living room, but they tend to limit your storage space below. Rear living areas often blend in with the main space and are not as isolated as front living layouts. If you are looking for an RV that mimics the atmosphere of a residential home and you can afford to spare some storage, a front living floor plan will be a great fit!

Full Bath

RVs that feature a full bath mean that the unit includes either a bathtub, shower, or a combination of the two. The benefit to this floor plan is the convenient on-site shower capabilities. Even if they do not specify a full bath in their floor plan, most models come standard with a full bathroom.

Half Bath

When an RV has a half bath, this typically indicates that the unit houses two bathrooms, both a full bath and a half bath. The half bath includes a toilet and a sink, but has no shower or tub. Half bath floor plans, like the one seen in this Jayco Pinnacle, are great for entertaining guests and making bathroom trips quick and simple.

Master Bath

Floor plans that boast master bathrooms include full baths that connect to the adjoining master bedroom. This layout makes for easy entry and exit into the bathroom, and it provides optimal ease of use for late nights, when your bladder wakes you well before your alarm clock does. Master baths typically join the bedroom through a convenient sliding pocket door and they eliminate the need to trek throughout your entire unit to access the bathroom.


Floor plans that specify a loft indicate that there is an added sleep space, typically built above a garage or a bunkhouse. Lofts provide a fun bonus sleep space that can even be utilized as storage space when not in use. Because they are tucked away above another room, lofts are ultra-cozy and give a private and secluded feel to promote a peaceful night's sleep. The Seismic Wave is a lovely toy hauler that features a loft in many of its floor plans.

Outdoor Kitchen

As the name implies, outdoor kitchens are RV galleys located along the exterior of the unit, allowing you to cook hot camp meals in the fresh open air! These kitchens can come with as little as a fridge and some cabinetry, or they can come fully-loaded with a stovetop, sink, and a refrigerator. The main advantage of having an outdoor kitchen is the added convenience. You can use the exterior fridge to quickly grab a cold beverage, or you can use the exterior appliances to cook outside, which will help to keep the interior of your unit clean and odor-free!

Patio Deck

Patio deck floor plans, such as the one seen in this Jayco Seismic Wave, feature a large drop-down patio platform that can dramatically extend your living space. Some models even include a kitchen and entertainment system on the patio deck to complete this outdoor living lounge. The advantage to patio deck floor plans are that they let you enjoy the outdoors longer and more comfortably. If you really enjoy spending your leisure time relaxing in the sun, a patio deck could be a great addition to your RV!

Rear Garage/Front Garage

Floor plans that advertise either front or rear garages indicate that the model is a toy hauler. These garages are essentially cargo bays that allow you to haul your motorized equipment with you as you travel. The Jayco Octane is a popular model and nicely illustrates the standard design of these garages. Rear garages are much more common than front garages, and both styles include a ramp door to let you load and unload your toys with ease! If you want to bring an ATV, golf cart, motorcycle, or dirt bike along on your adventure, look into floor plans that offer front or rear garages. To figure out what size garage you need, click here! As you browse the different floor plans, you might find that additional questions arise. Don't hesitate to contact one of our experienced RV specialists who can answer any of your questions. If you think you've found the right floor plan, but can't decide on a model, one of our knowledgeable salespeople can help to clarify any of your concerns. Give us a call and let us help you find the RV of your dreams, so that you can finally start making memories on the open road!

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