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Turn Your RV Into a Mobile Workshop

As a handyman on the go, the combination of traveling with all your tools and gear and spending money on expensive hotels can make the whole process frustrating. What if we told you that an RV can solve all your workspace problems? Check out these awesome ideas on how to turn your RV into a mobile workshop and you'll be able to sleep and work in one handy space!

Remove a Bunkhouse

If you're considering purchasing a pre-owned RV (or a new RV if you have the cash) and transforming it into the perfect mobile workshop, consider choosing a bunkhouse model! No, it's not for the kids! This is the perfect space to work with to transform an everyday RV into a workspace! Removing the bunks and installing a workbench, storage trunks, extra cabinets, or places to hang your tools are all handy ideas that will take this space from kiddy to construction!

Transform a Toy Hauler

For the most bang for your buck, invest in a toy hauler for all your workshop utility needs! They are perfect for this sort of transformation in many ways, largely due to the fact that they are already designed with heavier wear and tear in mind. Toy haulers come with sturdy ramp doors, which will help with loading and unloading gear and tools, and many models feature utility flooring to help guard against damage, as well as reinforced tie downs, which will help to keep bigger pieces of equipment from sliding around during travel. The unique design of a toy hauler also puts you at an advantage, requiring less transformation than other types of RVs. They are oftentimes less decorative than other RVs, allowing more space to add wall hanging space. You'll generally find more storage space in toy haulers, with generous cabinet space meant for gear and tools, which will definitely come in handy for all your workshop needs! The sleeping situation is oftentimes unique in toy haulers, with many models (especially single room or integrated garage models) featuring an electric bed that lowers from the ceiling, and can be moved out of the way when utility space is needed. If you need extra work space, gut the bedroom if your toy hauler has one, and solely use the electric bed for sleeping space! If getting an electric bed isn't an option, use your handyman skills to construct a Murphy bed that will flip up out of the way when not needed! On the other hand, other types of toy haulers feature garages that are completely separated from the living portion of the RV, making it the ideal separate workspace from the rest of the RV! These garages can span anywhere from eight to 17 feet for all your utility needs, and still gives you plenty of comfortable space for living! Add a work bench, tool chests, and outfit the walls with pegboard, and you'll have the ultimate workshop right in your RV!

Remodel an RV

If you have a regular travel trailer or fifth wheel at your disposal, a few additions and subtractions will make it easy to change this space into a mobile workshop wonderland! You'll first want to remove any furniture (except your bedroom furniture) that you absolutely won't need, as this takes up the most space in an RV. Consider putting in sturdier flooring so that your projects won't completely tear apart the existing floor! Remove any decor that you possibly can and install peg board on the walls to hold tools and anything else that can be hung, and bring in work benches and load up with tools!

Make the Most of Exterior Storage

Most RVs come with a fantastic amount of exterior storage space, and it would be foolhardy not to make use of this room to your advantage! Attach peg board to the inside walls of storage compartments for extra tool storage, or throw in a whole tool chest if you have the room for one! Make a slide-out tray for your storage compartments to make it easy to get tools and gear out! If you need even more storage space, mount a tool box to the back bumper of your RV!

How handy is that? Get creative and turn your RV into a mobile workshop and you'll have everything you'll need for work on the go! We're sure that you'll be able to build some impressive additions to make your utility space functional and efficient! Be sure to come on down or shop online to check out our selection of new and pre-owned RVs to find the perfect starting point for your mobile workshop! What do you think? Leave us a comment to share smart ideas on how to transform RVs into ultra-convenient workspaces!

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