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Tips For Introverted Travelers

An appreciation for travel isn’t restricted to those outgoing individuals who crave social interactions and are eager to put themselves out there. Introverts are just as likely to seek a life of adventure, even if that means getting out of their comfort zones. So if you’re a self-described introvert that’s planning on hitting the road to explore the world, check out these tips for introverted travelers before you take off!

Don’t Be Afraid To Break Away

If you’re an introvert traveling with a group, don’t hesitate to give yourself some alone time. Skip an activity that doesn’t really interest you and visit an attraction that is more up your alley instead. Or opt to enjoy a book in a quiet coffee shop or go for a run and do yoga on the beach. Breaking away from the group from time to time will give you the opportunity to recharge yourself and enjoy some down time without any social pressures.

Explore At Your Own Pace

If you’re in an unfamiliar destination, explore the area by yourself instead of hiring a tour guide. Going it alone will give you the chance to call the shots, move at your own pace, and you won’t have to maintain a conversation with another human being as you tour the area. Apps can be helpful for navigating and getting information about your destination. And without a guide to direct you, you’ll get to create your own schedule and stop where and when you want to.

Learn The Local Color

Don’t play the part of the obvious tourist. Seek out local hotspots instead of huge landmarks and you will avoid tourist traps and the crowds that come with them. Going local will also give you a more realistic sense of what it is like to live in the community because you’ll get to mingle amongst locals instead of non-natives. Similarly, locals are less likely to ask you about your travels than your fellow tourists will be.

Bring Along Essential Items

There are a few things that you’re going to want to pack along as an introvert. These essential items include a journal, a camera, and a perhaps a few downloaded podcasts. Having a journal will encourage you to spend time reflecting on your travels and it’s also a great activity for decompressing. A camera will feed your natural tendencies to observe, and a podcast can be a lifesaver during long group road trips when you don’t feel like participating in conversation.

Plan Your Stays Accordingly

Opt for Airbnb rentals, conventional hotels, or retreats instead of hostels, bed and breakfasts, or couch-surfing offers. While communal living situations can be cost effective, you’d better be prepared for a highly social setting. One of the best ways for introverts to travel is with an RV because it gives you your own homey space to get away from others when you want to, but interact with them when you choose.

Extend Your Comfort Zone

While traveling, try to say yes more than you say no. If you meet an interesting person, don’t hesitate to engage with them. You should be open to the potential for conversation or you might miss out on hearing some pretty amazing stories or meeting some pretty spectacular people. Do the things that make you feel afraid or intimidated, and get outside of your comfort zone at least just a little bit.

Stay True To Yourself

While it is important to get out of your comfort zone as an introverted traveler, it is even more important to stay true to who you are while on the go. Sure, you can be daring and start up a conversation with a complete stranger, but don’t be shy about ending that conversation when you are ready. Just be polite without forcing yourself into situations that do little to enhance the enjoyment of your experience.

Be Wise About Your Destinations

If you decide you want to visit a bustling cityscape, you’re going to have to interact with people and engage in small talk much more than you would if you chose a more natural location. In metropolises it will be hard to escape the crowds because these areas are so densely populated, but in national parks and rural havens, you’ll get to enjoy a more charming small-town atmosphere, and more beautiful and picturesque scenery.

Pick Your Companions Carefully

While introverts are built for solo travel, you might find yourself gearing up for an adventure with a group. If this is the case, give careful consideration to who your travel companions are. If they are openly extroverted, make sure they know that you value your alone time and that you might pass on certain activities. If you’re looking for the best possible companion for an introverted traveler, four-legged friends make an excellent choice!

Do you consider yourself an introvert? Are you an avid traveler too? Share your own tips with us and our readers by leaving a comment!

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