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RV Oven Cooking

Cooking in your RV can be a bit different than at home. Propane can result in uneven heating in your oven and the appliances are generally smaller. Here are some RV oven cooking tips and tricks to help you navigate your kitchen like a pro!

First let’s discuss the uneven heating that that results from using propane. Propane burns very hot! The heating element in these much resembles that of a natural gas oven, however, unlike a natural gas stove, it’s on the bottom, which means it’s right under your food. In order to fix this, you need something in the oven that will absorb the heat and disperse it. You can use a pizza stone or you can simply get unglazed ceramic tiles from the hardware store. You should also move your rack up a bit in order to get the food a little farther away from the direct heat source. Since you’re adding these stones, it’s going to alter the way the heating works, so it would be a good idea to use an oven thermometer to monitor the internal temperature of your oven.

Generally, RV ovens are much smaller than residential ovens. In fact they look tiny compared to ones in homes. You will want to keep this in mind when preparing your meals and buying ingredients. You are most likely going to want to split recipes in half (or more) if they are large recipes. Make sure the casserole dish you want to use is going to fit in the oven before you leave on your trip so you don’t deal with the frustration of getting the whole dish prepared and the oven heated, and then have it not fit.

Know what you’re working with before you leave. Some models will have a push button igniter while others require you to light both the oven and the stovetop with a lighter or match. The burners are pretty simple to light, just turn it on and light it. Make sure to light it right away so you’re not getting an LP build up that is going to cause a large rushing flame coming at you. In order to light the oven, you have to know where everything is. Look it over before you turn the propane on so you have time to figure out exactly where you need to light it before you’re pumping out LP. To light it, open the door and turn your knob to “pilot on” and push it in (some models do not require you to push it in, so be aware of what’s going on when you turn the knob). Then light the pilot and keep the button held down for about 30 seconds to be sure you have it going. Then simply turn the knob to the correct temperature. Now for the duration of the camping trip, if you know that you’re going to be using the oven again, when you are done, you can turn the knob back to pilot and the pilot will stay lit until you turn it off. Just be sure to turn it off when you are done with your trip so you can ensure you’re not draining your LP tank.

Using these tips, you should be able to make these delicious Overnight Breakfast Recipes or one of your favorite camping meals. Remember that every oven is different so be sure to read the manual before use to ensure you know what to expect. If you do not have a manual, we suggest typing the name and model number of the range into a search engine followed by the word manual. This will hopefully pop up some form of download-able manual for you to read online or print off.

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