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RV Organized Kitchen Hacks

We could all use a little help organizing our kitchens. And with RV kitchens being particularly small, finding a place for everything is especially important for keeping you organized and efficient on the road. These RV organized kitchen hacks will help you take charge of your kitchen space and keep clutter at a minimum. Because how are you going to relax when you can't find what you need to make your favorite camping meals?


Keeping an organized fridge can mean more than just being able to find things. If you organize properly, you can increase the longevity of your food's freshness. Not all shelves are created equal when it comes to temperature, so let's take a look at them.

Top Shelves

The top of the fridge tends to have the most stable temperature, but it is warmer than the bottom. This is a great place for things like leftovers and drinks. Leftovers will probably be eaten in a day or two, and drinks will be ok at a lower temp.

Bottom Shelves

Since heat rises, the bottom shelves of a refrigerator are the coolest. This is the best place to keep meat, milk, eggs, and other dairy items that need a lower temperature for freshness. Keep your milk toward the back of the refrigerator so that it's not exposed to the temperature fluctuations that occur when the door is opened and closed throughout the day.


Use the crisper drawers to your advantage! Put fruits in a drawer with lower humidity and veggies in one with high humidity. Adjust the sliding bar on the drawer to let in more or less humidity. And try not to mix fruits and veggies, as some with cause others to spoil.


The door is the warmest place in the refrigerator and it is subjected to the most fluctuation in temperature. This is a great place for things that are not sensitive to temperature change, such as condiments, juice, jams, etc. This is the worst place to store your milk. Even if your gallon of milk will fit in the door, do not store it here!


There are certain ways to pack a freezer that help maintain food freshness. Put things like meat in the bottom where it’s the coldest to avoid spoilage. Pack everything tightly together so that they can work to keep each other frozen.


Your kitchen cabinets can become a mess really fast, especially in an RV that is bumping down the highway at 60 miles per hour. Make sure to organize them in a way that makes it easier for you to see and reach everything. This will make cooking on the road so much easier!


Spices come in small, short containers or tall, skinny jars. They love to roll around or tip over inside RV cabinets and spill out when you open the cabinet door. Put an end to this mess by buying a few inexpensive plastic bins or baskets that will keep your spice containers standing straight and tall, even on the curviest of roads.

Water Bottles

Those plastic magazine holders you can pick up at the dollar store may not be very pretty, but they can come in handy when you’re organizing your kitchen. Store your tall, odd-shaped water bottles in them to reduce clutter. Lay a magazine holder on its side and stack a few water bottles in it. They won't roll around anymore!


Use a magazine holder to secure your boxes of tin foil, plastic wrap, and wax paper as well. Secure it to the inside of a cabinet door, and then place the boxes in it. It keeps them from falling all over the place and they'll be right where you left them.

Plastic Containers

Probably one of the most frustrating things to organize in the kitchen is the plastic storage containers with lids. Make this easier on yourself by attaching a hanging file bin inside the cabinet door where the containers are stored and put the matching lids in it! They're easy to see in here and it'll be easy for you to find the lid you're looking for.

Tension Rods

Use small tension rods to make storage spaces for cookie sheets and baking pans. Stack them on end behind the rod where they'll be easily accessible. You can also put a tension rod across the back of a cabinet under the sink. Hang up spray bottles here and leave space for other things. Not only are they up and out of the way, but they won’t fall over when you’re driving.

Towel Bars for Lids

Attaching towel bars on the inside of your kitchen cabinets will free up a ton of space and help put an end to the lid avalanche! Just slide the lids of your pans in behind the towel bar. The handle will hold it in place and your lids are right there when you open the cabinet.

Stacking Items

When you stack items within one another, it can make it hard to find what you’re looking for. And if your stack becomes too tall, it can be unstable and apt to topple over. So how do you use all that space in the cabinet? Desktop file trays work great as mini stacked shelves in your cabinets. They allow you to use the vertical space in the cabinet and still see everything there.

Measuring Spoons and Cups

Hang your measuring cups and spoons from hooks that are mounted on the inside of cabinet doors. They'll stay put as you go down the road and will free up a ton of space inside a drawer. Sometimes it's the little things like these that make the biggest mess!


Pantries are a great invention, but only if they don't turn into a black hole! Pantries can get messy in the blink of an eye, and they can be frustrating to try to organize. With so much stuff in there, everything needs a place of its own.


Baskets are very helpful in the pantry as they allow you to group like items! Larger baskets are great for bags of chips and other large snack items. Use smaller baskets for sprinkles, crackers, and other little items. Put a tag or sticker on the baskets so you can easily identify what's inside.

Magazine Holder

Yup, they work here too! Slide skinny boxes of noodles into them. It holds them in place and you can easily see which box you need. Flip them on their sides, use a zip tie to block the end, and stack cans inside of it.


For things that come in bags and boxes that get used up a little at a time, such as sugar, flour, rice, oatmeal, etc., put them into jars or plastic containers. The jars and containers take up less room in the pantry than the original packaging they come in and they’re less likely to spill!

Shoe Organizer

Hang a shoe organizer over the door of the pantry for added storage. These work great for things like baby food, small bags of snacks and candy, bottles of oil, and pretty much anything small enough to fit in it!

With an organized RV kitchen, you’ll be able to enjoy cooking your favorite camping meals instead of dreading it. You'll know right where the spices for your delicious campfire meatloaf are or the tin foil for your campfire baked apples so you can sit down to a scrumptious meal faster.

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