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Quiet Down That Loud RV Water Pump!

Camping with an RV is awesome on so many levels! Not only does it make it easy to visit so many beautiful destinations our country has to offer, but an RV offers home-like living even in the middle of nowhere! Most RVs have modern kitchen appliances, bathrooms with running water, TVs, and beds that are a lot more comfortable than an air mattress in a tent. But with these awesome conveniences comes the typical upkeep and problems that most of us RVers have to deal with at some point in time: foggy windows, a tear in the rubber roof, a broken vent, etc. One problem that seems to be common with RVs is a noisy water pump. Luckily this is easily fixed! If you’re dealing with a water pump that’s become noisy, here’s a great way to quiet down that loud RV water pump and get back to enjoying the sounds of nature!

What You’ll Need

Gather together a Phillips head screwdriver, a rubber mouse pad (for a computer), and a ½”-thick foam pipe insulation.

What You’ll Do

1. Find your RV’s water pump. It’s usually under the dinette, in a sink cabinet, or under a bed. Consult your owner's manual if you have trouble finding it!

2. Once you locate it, remove the screws that are holding it in place.

3. Lift it up and slide the mouse pad under it.

4. Set the pump back down and replace the screws (but not too tightly).

5. Locate any pipes that are rattling. This can be done by turning on the water pump, then opening and closing the faucets one at a time, and listening for rattling noises.

6. When you discover a rattling pipe (typically behind a cabinet wall), wrap it in the foam insulation. Secure it with duct tape if you want (but it’s not necessary). Repeat this step for any pipe that rattles.
These steps should help lessen the noise that results from a water pump that is installed inexpensively by the manufacturer, which is often the case.

Another solution to a loud RV water pump is installing a pump silencing kit that you can purchase online or at camping stores for less than $30. This SHURflo Pump Silencer Kit is successful at softening the “water hammering” noise that results from clanging pipes and floor vibration. The materials included connect directly to the inlet and outlet of your RV water pump for quick, easy installation.

While RVs require maintenance and upkeep similar to a car or other vehicle, they provide the opportunity to escape from life’s hectic schedules and see the beauty that’s just outside our door! There is no denying that the time spent in nature is good for your body and soul and it brings families together like nothing else can. Experience the RVing lifestyle for yourself with a new or used RV from TradeWinds in Clio, MI! Nobody beats our unbelievable prices and nobody has a larger selection of the best brands! Visit us near Flint, MI, today or take our virtual RV tours online. You’ll save $1000s when you shop with us!

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