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Packing Smart: How To Utilize Your Exterior Storage!

When it's time to pack up and hit the road in your RV, you may not be looking forward to playing Tetris in your RV's basement storage compartments. Just because everything fits doesn't mean it's the most efficient way to pack! Check out these helpful ideas on how to utilize your exterior storage and pack smart for your next excursion!

Mounted Brackets

Mount brackets or broom clips on the ceiling, or on the doors if they're lengthy enough, of exterior storage compartments to keep things like brooms, shovels, tools, and other items up and out of the way. This creates more space on the floor of the compartments for bigger items!

Storage Totes

When organizing your exterior storage compartments (or any area of your RV, really), storage totes are your best friend! These are especially great for full-timers who may have seasonal items that they'd like to store! Anything from large totes to small containers will be of great use! Create a large, clearly visible label listing all of each tote's contents to make it super easy to locate the items you need instead of digging though tons of totes!

Storage Trays

If you're feeling like a good DIY project or have some money to spend, handy slide-out storage trays are amazing for easy RV basement storage! A sturdy metal version, like these Kwikee storage trays, can be pretty pricey, and may require some additional help from a dealership for instillation, but the results are well worth it! If you're good with construction and design, build your own slide-out storage trays, which are sure to be substantially cheaper! It is important to keep your RV's weight ratings in mind when adding storage tray modifications. If you add storage trays in the front of your RV, it will substantially change your tongue weight, so keep that in mind and be sure to weigh your tongue again after instillation. Trays can also increase your carrying weight, so be sure you're not going over your gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR).

Peg Board

To get even more use out of your RV's exterior storage compartments, install some peg boards to the sides of the compartments and equip the board with hooks and brackets. This is perfect for anything that can be hung up like tools, hoses, equipment, and more! This doesn't really take up any space and helps to maximize storage capabilities!

Storage Compartment Dividers

Is organization a problem with your RV basement compartments? A simple addition can make a world of a difference! Fashion some storage compartment dividers using some plywood and L-brackets to keep items that have a tendency to slide and scatter during travel snugly in place! This is a super inexpensive hack that just about anyone can pull off! It's not ideal if you need large, open spaces for storage bins, but works well to keep things like folding chairs, gas grills, folding tables, and more from bouncing around!


If you have some room to play with, visit your local improvement store and purchase some wire shelving to install inside your storage compartments! Simply cut the shelves to the size of your compartment, secure it, and enjoy more storage room! Instead of only being able to store items on the bottom of the compartment, now there will be two or more surfaces where you can store camping necessities!
Hopefully these nifty storage hacks will help you utilize your RV's exterior storage compartments to make packing up for your trips easier than it has ever been! What smart and innovative ideas do you have for making the most out of your RV's exterior storage? Comment and share your innovative ideas!

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