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Michigan Renaissance Fest

Knights, kings, queens, maidens, horses, and jousting! Check out the magic of the Michigan Renaissance Fest to step back in time and experience the magic of the 16th century!


In 1979, 11,000 people gathered in Clarkston, MI, to share a common love of the 16th century. The gatherings continued here annually until it grew too large for the area. Bringing in more than 250,000 people annually, it now takes place just north of Holly, MI, and it's one of the biggest in the country.

Themed Weekends

Starting in late August and running into early October, you can enjoy seven weekends (plus Labor Day) of 16th century fun. Each weekend has its own theme and a variety of entertainment! Royal Pet & Ale Fest It's all about the animals this weekend! There is pet entertainment, a cutest dog contest, and wiener dog races! Watch amazing dogs show off their disc skills and rock crazy getups in the costume contest! For humans, there are great microbrews to enjoy! Highland Fling Check out Scottish merriment during the Highland Fling weekend. Enjoy listening to the Scottish pipe band, watching a men-in-kilts contest, and touring a Celtic village! You'll also get a kick out of the Highland Heavy Games, which include a sheaf toss, hammer throw, stone put, and a caber toss! High Seas Adventure Guys, if you've never entered a beard contest, now's your chance! The different categories include longest, grizzliest, most unique, best mustache, and best trimmed beard! There's also a tattoo competition. Awards will be given for best color, best black and grey, and best overall! And if you're a biker you'll enjoy $5 off your admission with proof of your cycle endorsement. Wonders of the World This eclectic weekend is filled with belly dancing, arm wrestling, a Joust to the Death, and a princess boot camp! Talk about variety! Enjoy Michigan wines, woodchuck cider, and have fun stomping grapes. Shamrocks & Shenanigans Very similar to the Highland Fling weekend, Shamrocks & Shenanigans features an Irish twist with Irish dancers and a Celtic village tour. If you missed the Highland Fling weekend, you can still enjoy the Highland Heavy Games and the men-in-kilts contest during this weekend. Top off the weekend with wine tasting. Harvest Huzzah Enjoy the annual BBQ festival and competition that pit masters take part in during the Harvest Huzzah. You won't leave hungry! Want to try your luck at archery? For $15, you can enter the Annual Longbow Competition (admission to the festival is included in this price). Michigan wine tasting is also available this weekend. Festival Friday This one-day event offers students an opportunity to put down their history books and pick up a (pretend) sword! There is no better way to learn than to immerse yourself in the material, and students get the chance to do that during Festival Friday! To make this event affordable, student groups get more than 1/2 off of regular admission and they get to bring one free chaperone for every 10 students. Also on Festival Friday, ladies can enjoy a day of shopping (valuable coupon book included!) and wine sampling with friends. Top off the day by attending the fancy Royal Masquerade Ball at night that features a 6-course gourmet meal, champagne, dancing, door prizes, and more! Sweet Endings How sweet it is! The last weekend of the festival ends with chocolate and wine sampling, Shakespeare on stage, a fencing competition, and a sonnet competition.

Daily Events

Even though the themes change from weekend to weekend, there are some things that stay consistent: the beer, food, and folklore! Feast of Fantasy The Feast of Fantasy happens twice a day and is a two hour-long eating event! Loosen your belt and get ready for a 6-course meal with beer, wine, and great live entertainment! Renaissance Romance Reconnect with your sweetie by booking a Renaissance Romance time slot. This includes a personal servant for an hour who will serve you lunch and champagne in flutes that you get to take home as a souvenir. There are three different daily time slots available, but they fill up fast! Don't delay! King's Happy Hour During this laid-back hour, listen to songs and stories, see magic, dance, and enjoy drinks and hors d'oeuvres! This is a great time to get to know some other festival goers! Pub Crawl Get a mug with your ticket and fill it with a drink at each pub! This is a guided tour of the four pubs and allows you to sample a lot of different things! Pig & Swig Two words--bacon and beer! What more could you need for a great time?! And this isn't just your average bacon! This is amazing, thick-cut bacon with the best hops around! You may want to line your pockets and purses with tin foil! Once Upon a Tea Time Fairy tales come alive here! Your favorite enchanted characters will serve you tea while you enjoy treats like cookies and cupcakes! Kids and grown-ups alike will love this real-life tea party. There's so much going on at this magical event you'll be swept away with wonder! Get away from the hustle and bustle of life and step back to a simpler time during the Michigan Renaissance Fest! You might just start an annual tradition!

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