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Making It Home: Removing the “New RV” Smell

That new car smell we know and love is amazing and something we try very hard to hang onto—and imitate once it’s gone. But as you look at new campers for sale in Michigan, you’ll notice that the new RV smell isn’t as nice. Most of the odors you find in a new RV are those that are left behind from the materials used to build it. To help make your new RV feel like home, check out these suggestions for removing that “new RV” smell.


The glues typically used in RV construction are made with formaldehyde, and that smell tends to linger in an RV. To rid your new RV of this toxic smell, try these tips for airing it out:

During the day:

At night:


Assuming you've gotten rid of that unpleasant new RV smell, now it’s time to add in the scents you love. This can be done in a number of ways:

  • Clean the inside of your RV with cleaners that you enjoy the smell of, such as lemon or lavender-scented wood cleaner. Use it to wipe the cabinets and woodwork.

  • Clean floors and other hard surfaces with a nice smelling all-purpose cleaner. You can easily make your own with all-natural ingredients and your favorite essential oils.

  • Remove linens, curtains, and cushion covers that are washable and launder them in your own detergent. Just be sure to read washing instructions before doing so.

  • Plug in a scented air freshener that's designed for a small space (like a bathroom)

  • We DO NOT recommend burning scented candles, for the obvious reason of them being a huge fire hazard


The last thing to do to get your RV smelling like home is simply to use it. Every day tasks like cooking/baking, doing the dishes, taking a shower, and filling the RV with your own personal scent will help it smell like home.

With these tips on how to remove that new RV smell, you'll feel like you're stepping into your home every time you walk through the door of your RV. Now that you're ready to move in, where will you go?

Do you have any other ways to freshen the air inside a new RV? Tell us about them in the comments!

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