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Making a Fitted Sheet For Your RV Mattress

It never takes an RVer long to learn that the dimensions of RV mattresses don’t exactly line up with the dimensions of residential ones. While a mattress may still be labeled as a queen-sizes bed in an RV, when compared to your queen-sized bed at home, you’ll likely notice some discrepancies. While these inconsistencies in size may not be all that extreme, they are enough to hinder the proper fitting of a bed sheet. So if you’re scratching your head wondering how to get a standard-sized bed sheet snug on your RV bed, check out these solutions for making a fitted sheet for your RV mattress!

Custom Sheet Quick Fix

Specialty-made bed sheets designed specifically for the custom sizes of RV mattresses can be found at retailers such as Camping World and Amazon, but you’ll likely pay more than you want to for them. When you probably already have spare bedsheets laying around your house, it can feel like a waste to buy a whole new set just to accommodate a difference of a few inches. Luckily, there are some other, more cost-effective solutions that will prevent a standard-sized bed sheet from bunching up or pulling out of place on your RV mattress.

Easy Suspender Solution

The difference in width and length is rarely the issue with how standard bedsheets fit onto RV mattresses. Most often, it’s the mattress thickness that causes the problem, as RV mattresses are substantially thinner. But all you need to make a standard-sized bed sheet taut is a basic pair of suspenders. These are widely available at most any retailer, but you’ll need to find a pair that can easily be separated, meaning that they are not sewn in a ‘Y’ or ‘X’ configuration. After purchasing, just clip one end of the suspender onto the edge of the bedsheets while it is on the mattress. Then pull the other end to the opposing side of the bed sheet and clip it. Re-size the length of your suspenders as you see necessary to create a snug fit. Then repeat with your other suspender.

Pinned To Perfection

Another solution for an ill-fitting bed sheet is using large cloth diaper pins. These can be purchased at common department stores like Walmart and Target. To use these, put your bed sheet on your RV mattress. Then pull it snug and fold over the excess fabric and use the pins to secure it in place. Repeat as necessary around the edge of your sheet, spacing out the pins as you see fit.

Solve It With Sheet Straps

There are products out there, known as sheet straps or sheet holders, made specifically for creating snugly fitting sheets that will fit any size mattress. Like suspenders, you use these straps by clipping them onto the corners of the bed. They usually come in a pack of four so you have one strap for each sheet corner, and you can find them at nationwide retail stores like Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond.

You don’t have to purchase a pair of specialty RV sheets to fix an ill-fitting bed sheet. Just buy a cheap pair of suspenders, diaper pins, or sheet straps which can each be purchased for less than $5! Got any other solutions for making a fitted sheet for an RV mattress? Let us know in the comments!

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