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Installing Lights On RV Steps To Light The Way!

Modern RVs have so many amazing additions compared to older model RVs! While you will find LED lighting on plenty of today’s RV steps, older models and some standard models may not have this helpful addition! Not to worry! Installing lights on RV steps is easy so you can light the way safely for yourself and guests! Here are some great ideas on how to do this easy project!

Waterproof LED Light Strips

LED light strips are a fantastic, easy, and inexpensive option for installing lights on your RV steps! These great strips are sold in a variety of lengths and colors, so you can customize your modification to be just the way you want it! Packs of shorter individual strips can be a great option, or you can purchase large rolls of these lights and cut them to the length you require! These lights are self-adhesive, meaning there isn’t a complicated application process! They are also quite flexible, so you can wrap them around the steps or any other areas of your RV! These types of lights usually come with connectors, which allow you to connect the strips together for lighting! They also require an adapter, which plugs into most outlets and provides power to the strips!

LED Step Lite

These lights have a concept similar to the previously mentioned LED light strips, but are a bit more sturdy, and are made especially for RV steps. These light strips use your exiting step wiring, meaning they’re not too much of a hassle to install! They don’t require drilling, yet sit securely on your step! They use a low level of power consumption, making them a wonderful and safe addition for your RV steps! Just be sure to follow instillation instructions carefully to avoid doing damage to your RV!

Small Adhesive LED Lights

Small, adhesive LED lamps can also be a great choice when adding lighting to your RV’s steps! This option, like these nifty lights from Sylvania, adhere to a variety of surfaces, are long-lasting, and come with some dimmable and waterproof varieties! They are battery operated, so you won’t have to worry about any wires! Just stick them on the side of your RV, on either side of the steps, and turn them on at night! It’s just that easy!

Installing lights on RV steps is so incredibly easy, and is a great safety feature! No more tripping or struggling to find that fist step when it’s dark! With just a few minutes and a little bit of handy work, your RV steps can safely light the way! Have any other smart suggestions for lighting RV steps? Share them with us in the comments section!

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