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How To Get Rid Of Foggy Windows

After a few years into owning your RV, you might notice that your dual-pane windows might be starting to fog. This might not be too much of a problem at first, but if the problem is not taken care of, your whole window could become completely fogged over. This could be especially dangerous in a motorhome, as it could impair your ability to see while driving! So, how do you get rid of foggy windows?

It is important to know how your windows have fogged before you try to fix this problem! Fogging occurs when the seal around a dual-pane window develops a leak, such as a hole or crack in the rubber. This allows moisture to enter between the panes of glass, resulting in the formation of condensation. This sounds like a tricky situation! So what are your options?

Trust A Professional

Your safest bet to get rid of foggy windows is to take your RV to a company that specializes in cleaning RV windows. These specialists will remove the damaged seal and take out the entire window pane. From there, they will take it apart, clean it, and reinstall it with a new seal. This is cheaper, faster, and more efficient than getting your windows completely replaced, which could cost thousands of dollars!

It is a good idea to trust the professionals on this type of project. Window panes can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so you might not know what to expect if . Professionals can work quickly and accurately without much error, so you know you won’t damage anything in the process! It takes a certain amount of know-how to pull of a project like this, but that does not mean it is impossible to do it yourself!

Do It Yourself

If you’re feeling confident on how to get rid of the fog yourself, you can try out a couple different processes which might yield successful results!

One process you can do is remove the window from your RV yourself and clean the panes. Alternatively, you may have to go to a local glass shop and get all new glass panes. If you are able to keep your existing windows, you can purchase your own materials, or purchase a rebuild kit. Rebuild kits can be fairly expensive, but include everything you need to successfully clean and reinstall your windows! This kit from Dave Root RV Glass Repair is popular and includes everything you’ll need to clean and reinstall your RV’s windows!

Another viable option is to make DIY systems to clean and dry between the glass panes. There are a couple of ways to do this, but it ultimately entails drilling small holes into the seal to access the space between the panes of glass, cleaning the space, and then resealing the holes.

These fellow RVers have developed a whole copyrighted system, which you can purchase here.

This system includes complete instructions on how to use fairly inexpensive materials to build a system that will allow you to access the area between window panes so that you can wash, dry, and reseal them!

Foggy windows do not necessarily mean that you’re in for super costly repairs, luckily! Just trust your judgment, and you’ll make the right decision about how to get rid of foggy windows! Do you have any other tips or tricks for foggy windows? Comment and share them with us!

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