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Homemade Dutch Oven Kettle Corn

Few foods capture the magic of sweet-and-salty quite like the mouthwatering flavor of kettle corn. With its lightly golden color and crisp crunch, kettle corn is the perfect halfway point between plain popcorn and sticky caramel corn. And what’s even better about this tasty treat is how easy it is to make! In fact, it’s so easy that you can even make it outside over the campfire! So on your next RV outing, make sure you bring along this homemade Dutch oven kettle corn recipe for a savory snack to enjoy as you’re seated around the campfire.


  • ¼ C. oil

  • ½ C. popcorn kernels

  • ¼ C. white sugar

  • Dash of salt


Step 1: Start by preparing your fire. To avoid burning your kettle corn you’ll want to have hot cooking coals (not raging flames).

Step 2: Put the oil and a couple of kernels in your Dutch oven and heat it over the fire. Once you hear the kernels pop, move on to the next step.

Step 3: Pour in the remaining kernels and the sugar. Stir together. Then place the lid on your Dutch oven.

Step 4: Wait for the sounds of your kernels starting to pop. Once you hear them, use heat-resistant gloves to carefully shake your Dutch oven.

Step 5: Once the popping sounds start to slow, remove your Dutch oven from the fire. Immediately transfer your kettle corn into a bowl to prevent burning.

Step 6: Salt to taste and enjoy!

We love this recipe for homemade Dutch oven kettle corn and we recommend it for any and all outdoor adventures! If you’ve got all the ingredients for this recipe, but you don’t have a camper to take along with you, Tradewinds RV has everything from small travel trailers to high-quality fifth wheels for sale. The only thing you’ll love more than this tasty campfire kettle corn is the great deal we’ll give you on your camping RV!

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