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Home for the Holidays: DIY Holiday Garland

Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Relive the days of making paper snowflakes as a child with this fun coffee filter snowflake garland idea! This is a simple one! Just cut snowflakes out of coffee filters and run a piece of string through them so you can hang them! Coffee filters make beautiful, delicate snowflakes that look great anywhere.

Map Garland

This one is perfect for those who love to travel! You can use random pieces of a map, or you can cut out pieces of all the places you’ve been to so it takes on a more personal feel! Here’s how you do it:

  1. Cut the pieces of map into 3-inch circles. You’ll need two circles per piece on the garland.

  2. Place two circles together, and using a sewing machine, run some thread down the center, leaving a few inches of thread at the beginning and end. Don’t cut the thread yet! Continue this until you have all the pieces you want on the thread. Then go ahead and cut it, making sure you have a few inches at the end. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can do this by hand.

  3. Bend one side of one circle up in the center along the thread. Then flip it over and do the same on the opposite side. This will give the circles a 3D look.

  4. Now just hang your beautiful garland up by the few inches on each end!

Bells & Twine

This one is pretty easy to make and turns out absolutely gorgeous! All you have to do is braid three pieces of twine together, placing the bells every few inches on one piece of the twine. If you want you can paint the bells beforehand for a more rustic look. Just use some white matte spray paint before you put them on the twine. You can even alternate pinecones and bells and then use some snow paint on the pinecones to give them a little extra wintry touch!

Card Garland

What do you do when you run out of shelf space to display all those lovely Christmas cards you get from friends and family? Display them as garland! This is probably the easiest one to make. All you have to do is hang a piece of string. Then, as you get the cards, you just put the string inside the cards and hang them from it. It’s definitely a unique garland that will look different every year. Your shelf space stays clutter-free and you can still enjoy looking at the cards you’ve received!

Construction Paper Rings

This one is great for your little ones to make. All you have to do is cut strips of green and red construction paper. Then take one strip, bring the ends together to make a ring, and staple them together. Run the next strip of paper through the center of the previous ring before stapling the ends together. Repeat this until it’s the desired length. You can even use this as a countdown for the kids! Just make sure that when you put it together the amount of rings matches the amount of nights before Christmas. Then they just rip one off every night, and the last one means it’s Christmas Eve!

What kinds of things do you make garland out of? Share pictures of your creations below!

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