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Great Campfire Accessories To Take On Your RV Adventures

Campfires are an integral part of the camping experience! They serve as a place to cook, gather to enjoy memorable times, and make some fun snacks! Many handy accessories have been created throughout the years to make campfires easy and enjoyable for all! Here are our favorite great campfire accessories to take on your RV adventures, most of which can be purchased for under $30, making campfires fun and affordable!

Campfire Tongs

Campfire tongs are incredibly useful and safe for building and maintaining a campfire! These tongs allow you to rearrange your logs within your campfire, add new logs, and stoke the fire safely and easily! They are a must-have accessory for any camper!

Campfire Tripod Grill

Tripod grills are extremely versatile for all of your campfire cooking needs! Many feature a grill that sits over the campfire, which is great for grilling meat, vegetables, and more! Other varieties come with cast iron pots, which are ideal for roasting, soups, and making other tasty meals! Tripods don't tend to fare as well in windy weather, as grills will especially sway in gusty weather, so be sure to keep that in mind!

Stake & Grill

This nice system uses a stake that you anchor into the ground, and has a handy grill grate that you can raise and lower over your campfire, depending on how high your flames reach! It is perfect for grilling meats to perfection, and provides more stability than a tripod so you don't have to worry about losing your hot dogs to the breeze!

Cast Iron Cookers And Roasting Forks

These inventions have been around for quite some time, but they are without a doubt some of the most useful campfire accessories! Cast iron cookers are great for cooking up handy camping food creations! You can cook up anything from awesome sandwiches, to campfire pizza pockets, tasty desserts, and more! Roasting forks are also a tried-and-true campfire accessory, which is great for hotdogs, and the favorite camping pastime of marshmallow roasting! These forks even come in fun designs, like fishing pole pokers that can be extended and reeled in!

Decorative Campfire Rings

Decorative fire rings are a great addition to a campfire to add a little beauty and fun! These metal rigs usually feature cutouts of nature scenes, and provide a neat design against the brightness of the flames! You can set them around in-ground natural fire rings, or if a campground has a pit already built, these rings will sit right on top of the stones!

Rainbow Flames

Campfire flames are fun to watch, but rainbow flames take your fire to the next level! Campers used to use a section of copper tubing with a portion of cut up garden hose inserted into the fire to achieve fun flames, but recent technology has made it easier and cheaper! Most retailers, camp stores, and even gas stations carry awesome packets that you can toss straight into the fire and enjoy the neat colorful flames! They're substantially cheaper than the alternative method, making it a must-have for fun campfires! Now that you know about all the great campfire accessories to take on your RV adventures, you can take your campfires to the next level and be the talk of the campground! Just remember that safety comes first around fires, so be safe and have fun!

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