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Frisbee 500

Time to get out and stretch your arms, legs, and vocal cords with a fun game of Frisbee 500! This game can get a little physical depending on the players, so if your group is a rough and tumble one, you may want to get out the football helmets and pads for safety! If you’re playing with kids, it’s a great math exercise and they won’t even realize they’re doing it!

How to Play

The more players you have, the more fun this game will be, but you need a minimum of 3 to play. In the beginning, choose someone to be the thrower. The rest of the group will all be catchers. The thrower tosses the Frisbee out into the group and yells out a point value (usually between 50 and 500). Whoever catches it gets the amount of points called out. If it hits the ground before anyone catches it, then no points are awarded. If someone catches the Frisbee, but then drops it, those points are subtracted from their score! The first person to 500 points wins the game and becomes the thrower for the next game.

There are some bonus things you can call out when throwing the Frisbee. A common one is "Jackpot!" which means that the throw is worth 500 points and whoever catches it is the automatic winner. This is great for someone who is maybe sick of throwing or has to leave the game. Another one is "Peanut butter!" and whoever catches it is stuck to the ground for the next throw. Or "Flush!" which means that whoever catches it loses all his/her points. These are fun to call out to try to trick players who aren't listening.

The rules of this game are easy to alter for different groups of players. If you’re playing with a group of younger kids that may have a hard time keeping up with changing values, you can assign each catch a standard number of points, such as 100, so they know that if they’ve caught it 3 times they have 300 points. Just make sure everyone knows the rules before starting so there's no fighting over how to play the game.

Don’t have a Frisbee? No problem, just grab a football or even a Nerf aero flyer! Any type of ball or disc will work.

Tips for the Thrower

If you’re the thrower you can easily be the most fun person or the biggest drag on the game depending on how you handle yourself. If you like being the thrower, it may be tempting to call the lowest amount of points possible each time so you can hang onto your spot longer. Don’t be a ball hog! No one likes that! If you want to keep your throne for a while but not be accused of calling the smallest amount of points, just try to throw it near the worst catcher when you call high point values. If you notice that someone is being too aggressive or pushy, throw the Frisbee as far from them as possible a few times and hopefully they’ll get the hint.

Tips for the Catcher

Keep track of your points! No one else is going to do it for you and if you lose count you may have to start over! You also need to listen to what the thrower is calling when they throw it so you can add accordingly. Don’t get aggressive or start shoving other players to get the ball. Watch the thrower's movements ahead of time and try to anticipate the direction they’re going to throw the Frisbee. That way you can start moving in that direction and get where the Frisbee is going. If you like being a catcher instead of a thrower, go for the ones with the lower point values! That way you can spend more of your time running and catching. You can also drop some after you catch them and it will take points off your score. If you do become the thrower, you can call a jackpot right away to send yourself back out in the group quickly.

Baseball 500

This version is for the baseball fans out there! If you're a coach, this is a great practice activity! Have everyone take the field. The coach or a batter hits the ball in random directions. Whoever catches it gets points. The points can be called out with each hit or predetermined by the type of ball they catch. For example, if they catch the ball before it hits the ground, they get 100 points. If it bounces once, they get 75. If it bounces twice they get 50 points. Three or more is worth 25. This will help get the players hustling for the ball before it hits the ground. Then you can rotate the players in and out of the batting position by making that the prize for getting to 100 first.

Soccer 500

Another way to play it would be with a soccer ball and rules on how to “catch” the ball using soccer rules. You may say that they can only kick the ball or hit it with their head back to the thrower in order to get the points. If you want to train a bunch of goalies, you can kick the ball to them and have them grab it with their hands.

The variations of Frisbee 500 are endless! Not only does this get some friendly competition going, it gets everyone outside and in the fresh air no matter what version of Frisbee 500 you choose. You can even try to get campers at nearby sites to join you as a great way to make new friends!

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