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Easiest Indoor Plants To Keep Alive and Spruce Up Your Living Area

While plants can go a long way in sprucing up the living area of your new or used RV, they are a responsibility that requires some upkeep and attention. The prospect of having to care for plants can be intimidating, but don’t let the look of your RV suffer just because you don’t have a green thumb! Check out our list of the easiest indoor plants to keep alive and revitalize the interior of your RV by bringing a little bit of nature’s beauty indoors!

Aloe Vera

This spiky succulent is perfect for thriving inside of an RV! It is easy to contain, easy to keep alive, and it has a trove of medicinal properties that can soothe burns, support your immune system, and heal small wounds. Aloe Vera grows best with lots of sunlight and it doesn’t require frequent watering, so if you forget to give it a drink, it won’t die on you!

Jade Plant

This shrub-like plant is resilient enough to survive the RV lifestyle while also offering smooth, vibrant leaves that make it a very visually interesting decor option for your living area. The Jade Plant is known for its longevity, so prepare to have it along for all your travels in the years to come. It thrives best in bright light and it doesn’t require a lot of water, so it’s easy to care for too!

Peace Lily

With its beautiful white blooms and lush dark leaves, the Peace Lily is perfect for sprucing up your RV’s living space. They are a common house plant because of how easy they are to grow, and they require low light, making them ideal for areas without many windows. If contained in a small pot, Peace Lilies can be the perfect size for your RV’s interior!

Snake Plant

While the name might sound a little off-putting, the Snake Plant is actually quite appealing both for its appearance and its low-maintenance requirements. They grow in a range of light conditions and don’t require frequent watering. Because the leaves grow upright, they won’t take up much space within your RV’s living area either.


Bring a touch of tropical wonder to your RV’s living space by adding in a Bromeliad! These exotic beauties are easy to care for as they thrive in a wide range of temperatures and are very tolerant to drought. Don’t let their bright color and thick foliage fool you into thinking these plants are high maintenance, because they’re not!

Dwarf Umbrella Tree

With its glossy leaflets and flurry of small branches, the Dwarf Umbrella Tree makes for an interesting addition to any indoor living space. While they can grow to heights of 10 feet or taller, with simple and occasional pruning you can keep them at a manageable size. They require basic care, a moderate amount of watering, and medium light.


Add a splash of color to the interior of your RV with a stunning Kalanchoe. As one of the prettiest members of the succulent family, this vibrant plant will definitely spruce up your living space! They require minimal care, normal to warm household temperatures, and indirect bright light. If you water them once a week, they will survive just fine!


With dazzling geometric blooms, the Echeveria plant is highly appealing to the eye and comes in a range of colors and rosette designs. As a succulent, it is also easy to keep alive. Echeveria prefer full sunlight and semi-moist soil. With some basic care, keeping one of these pretty plants alive is practically foolproof!

No green thumb? No worries! Just try out one of these easy-to-care-for indoor plants and spruce up your RV’s living area without any high-maintenance responsibilities! Which one of these indoor plants would you suggest for the RVing lifestyle? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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