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Carve A Pumpkin And Make It Into A Cool Bonfire Torch!

Whether you’re young or old, just about everyone loves pumpkin carving! It’s a fun way to showcase both your artistic prowess (or amusing lack thereof), and your finished product makes for a great Halloween decoration! If you have a flair for the extreme, these awesome bonfire pumpkin torches are perfect for amping up your Halloween spread! Just a couple of materials provides a sweet display that takes everyday jack-o-lanterns to a new level of awesome! Forget sad tea lights and melty candles, these roaring pumpkins are extreme! Here’s how to carve a pumpkin and make it into a cool bonfire torch!

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 Large pumpkin

  • 1 Gallon of kerosene

  • Empty paint can or other container safe to hold kerosene

  • 1 Full roll of toilet paper

  • Matches


  1. First, choose a design for your pumpkin, gut it, and carve it! You can choose any design you’d like, but a scary or intense pattern will look especially impressive once it has flames shooting out of it!

  2. Once your pumpkin is carved to your liking, take a full roll of toilet paper and set it in your paint can or container, and douse it with kerosene. Let it sit for a few minutes to completely soak up the kerosene.

  3. Using tongs or another tool, remove the toilet paper from the kerosene and place inside your pumpkin.

  4. Make sure that your pumpkin is in a spot safe for burning. Check overhead to ensure that there are no low-hanging trees overhead, or long grasses or other highly flammable materials nearby. A patch of dirt, sand, or concrete is best!

  5. Once you have your pumpkin in a safe spot, strike a match to ignite, and drop it into the pumpkin. If the match doesn’t ignite the toilet paper the first time, repeat this step. You could use a long candle lighter to ignite as well, just be sure to light through the front of the pumpkin. For the sake of safety, we recommend matches!

  6. Within a minute or two, you will have bright, shooting flames coming out of your pumpkin! These flames may be dark and smokey at first, but it will burn out and leave an awesome flame!

Be sure to practice fire safety foremost, keeping a bucket of water or fire extinguisher close by in case your flame gets out of control. Only adults should attempt the lighting process, and should exercise great caution! Also, if you are at a campground for Halloween, be sure to check the campgrounds rules for burning items!

These fiery pumpkins are perfect for Halloween bonfires, or just an impressive display of pyrotechnics for your trick-or-treating setup! Pair it with a unique carving design to make you the talk of the neighborhood! The result is well worth it, and the flame should last anywhere from 45 minutes to over an hour! Which design would you choose to carve for your pumpkin bonfire torch? Share your spooky ideas in the comments!

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