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Capture It All: Photography Tips For Fall Colors

Fall only rolls around once a year, which means that photography enthusiasts only have a brief window of time to capture all the breathtaking colors of the season! Luckily there are some tricks to help you make the most of the moments you spend with a camera in hand. Check out these photography tips for fall colors to take advantage of the picturesque autumn scenes while they’re still here!

Timing Is Key

The time of day that you take your pictures can have a huge impact on how your photos turn out. Like most all outdoor photo shoots, the best time to capture the colors of fall will be around sunrise and sunset. The hours closest to dusk and dawn provide the softest light which will result in giving your photos the warmest colors.

Brighter’s Not Better

You might be thinking that a sunny, cloudless day will give you the best shots with the most vibrant coloring, but this is most often not the case. Don’t underestimate gray skies. Overcast days work well because the light is even and the sun doesn’t drowned out your colors. You’ll also find that the shadows aren’t as severe. Some photographers report that fall foliage is best captured just after a light rain.

Find a Focal Point

When all of the surrounding scenery is so beautiful and vibrant, you might be tempted to try to capture it all in one frame, but the best fall photographs have an intended focal point. Without a focus your colors will blend and the trees will all merge together to create one unremarkable picture. Instead, think about spacing and try to create contrasting tones to make your colors stand out.

Reach New Heights

Look for higher ground when framing your shots. At the very least, try to be on an even elevation as your subject matter. Overlooks and vistas are great for capturing expanses of color, while ridges and suspension bridges are ideal for achieving varying perspectives. Also experiment with depth in addition to height for some truly unique snapshots.

Consider Your Subject

A common fault of photographing in the fall is getting too caught up in the colorful landscapes and missing out on other picturesque opportunities. Look closely at each element of nature within those vibrant scenes. Whether it is a closeup of a tree branch, colorful reflections off calm waters, or sprouts budding from leaf-covered walking trails, find something unique no matter how myopic it may seem in the grand scheme of the overall scene.

Get Creative

Use all the tools you have to your advantage when looking to capture an image that encapsulates the beauty of fall. Polarizing filters have been known to help bring out the autumnal hues and longer focal-length lenses have also proved successful when capturing natural colors. Try experimenting with shutter speeds and attempting some innovative visual tricks to make your photographs stand out from the rest.

Whether you’re a novice photographer or an expert behind the camera, anyone can take stunning photographs that perfectly capture all the breathtaking colors of the fall season. So get out your camera, grab your tripod, and head out into nature! Fall will be gone before you know it and capturing the perfect photograph will be a great keepsake to marvel at once all those vibrant colors are replaced with a blanket of white snow! Share your fall photographs with us on Instagram and Facebook, we’d love to see how they turn out!

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