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Camping Accessories and Hacks for Beer Lovers

When I think of the perfect camping trip, what comes to mind are afternoons spent hiking and evenings spent around a roaring campfire. There's fun, lively conversation, great campfire food, and cold beer. I'm a lover of awesome gadgets, and I just recently saw some ingenious camping accessories and hacks for beer lovers that would be perfect to bring along on my next camping trip. If camping and beer go hand-in-hand for you too, check out some of these amazing and innovative products that will blow your mind!

Pat's Backpack Beverages

So you and your buddies have packed your backpacks and are heading out into the great outdoors for the weekend. You're going to hike, chill around a campfire, and tip back some brewskis. (brakes squealing) Wait, you don't have room in your bags for beer? No way to keep them cold? You've got a problem—but Pat's Backpack Beverages has the answer! This innovative product allows you to enjoy a cold one no matter how far off the beaten path you venture (without having to lug heavy cans of beer in your backpack). With Pat's Backpack Beverages, all you have to do is a little mixing, some shaking, let out a little gas (the beer, not you!), and within minutes you have a refreshing, hand-crafted beer to enjoy. Just make sure you bring along a water filter so you can turn lake or river water into clean, drinkable water. Enjoy an American Logger, Pale Rail, or Black Hops in minutes with this environmentally friendly brewing system!

A 24-Pack On Your Backpack

This insulated evrgrn 24-Pack Backpack Cooler makes is easy for you to head out into the woods with a full case of your favorite beer! Fitted with padded shoulder straps and a removable insulated liner bag that's easy to clean, this comfortable backpack also has a pocket that holds a small picnic table and straps that fit around a blanket. What more do you need to have a relaxing picnic in the great outdoors? Great customer reviews make me confident that any beer lover would be happy to bring this along on a hike into the mountains or a picnic by the lake.

A High-End Beer Huggie

The perfect campfire accessory might just be this YETI Colster! Don't ever let warm beer come between you and a fun night around a campfire again with this ingenious invention! Designed to keep cans and bottles of your favorite beverages cold, this stainless steel huggie also features a Load-and-Lock™ Gasket to keep your drink from slipping out of it. Whether used in hot or cold climates, you'll appreciate the No Sweat™ Design so your hands don't get sweaty or frostbitten just from trying to enjoy your beer. With its small design, there's definitely room in your backpack for this handy huggie!

This Will Float Your Boat

If your camping plans include lazy days floating in a crystal-blue lake or going tubing down a river, then this Mega Chill II Float Cooler is a must-have accessory! This multi-tasking invention impresses in so many ways! The floating base can support a 48-quart cooler! The removable ice chest holds up to 72 cans plus ice! And there are 6 drink holders, so you can splash around or fall asleep under the sun without fear of dropping your beer in the water. You'll be the envy of everyone on the water with your floating fridge!

Chillsner Your Pilsner

Chill out with this Chillsner by Corkcicle. Simple to use, this in-bottle chiller keeps beer colder longer! Just freeze the stainless steel device for 45 minutes, then insert it into your beverage so it can immediately start to chill it. It has four flow vents so you can get consistent, uninterrupted sips of beer with every swig. This small, lightweight device is easy to travel with, so there's no excuse to suffer through a warm beer while camping ever again!

A Rockin' Cooler

Roll on up to your friends' campsite ready to party with this awesome Rockin' and Rollin' iPod-Ready Collapsible Cooler with Wheels! Able to hold up to 60 cans of cold beer, your friends will know who to turn to when their beer has gone warm. Thanks to the retractable handle and heavy-duty wheels, it's easy to cart your beverages from your RV to the picnic shelter or from your tent to the swimming pool. And with the built-in AM/FM stereo and an input jack/cables for your iPod, MP3 player, or CD player, you can listen to your favorite tunes while you hang with friends or go swimming with the kids.

What a Cool Chair!

This 3-in-1 Backpack Cooler Chair could possibly win the Camping Trifecta Accessory Award thanks to its multi-purpose design! True to its name, this awesome accessory is an insulated cooler housed in a backpack that you can sit on. A stitched foil lining keeps your drinks and food cold, no matter how high the temps creep up. An additional zippered enclosure provides storage for smaller items as well. The chair is sturdy thanks to its tubular steel frame and design, so you'll always have a place to take a load off. Take this "cool" chair with you to the campground, beach, fishing hole, tailgate party, and anywhere else that calls for a cold beer and a great seat.

Stake Your Drinks

Don't suffer from excessive worry the next time you have to set your beer on uneven ground to pick up your bocce balls! Instead, nestle your beer safely in one of these Sunnydaze Drink Holders that stake firmly into the ground. These fun, multi-colored steel stakes feature a corkscrew-like top that hugs your drink and a 2-part stake that slides into the ground for use and comes apart for easy storage. This set includes 6 drink holders that are neatly tucked into a carrying bag so you can easily take them with you on camping trips, to the beach, to backyard BBQs, or just set them up in your own backyard the next time you and your friends get a rowdy game of cornhole going.

Hammock Drink Holder

One thing you can count on when going camping is seeing hammocks strung between trees at campsites. I can't think of any other way to kick back and relax that is more comfortable than laying back in a hammock and watching the clouds above me float by. Even the fanciest, most-expensive camping chair doesn't even come close to the feeling of weightlessness you get from a hammock while you slowly rock back and forth under the trees. But one fact about hammocks is indisputable: they're impossible to get out of! So to avoid embarrassing spills (you, not your beer!) trying to reach down to the ground or climb out to get your beer, use this handy little contraption that hangs off your hammock and keeps your beer always within easy reach. This cute basket-style Hammock Drink Holder ties easily to the side of your hammock and lazily swings with you in the breeze.

Beer Belt

Because you never want to be caught empty handed, give this 6-Pack Beer Belt a try on your next camping trip. It can hold 6 cans or bottles and has a hidden compartment for your ID, credit cards, cash, etc. Bring it along on a hike, wear it fishing, or just show off your 6 pack at your campsite. You know everyone will be looking!

Do you have a favorite beer accessory that you always take along with you on camping trips? Tell us about it in the comments!

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