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Board Walk

Forget the three-legged race! Why not strap three people to boards and make them work together to reach a goal! The Board Walk game is a perfect team-building activity and fun to do while camping!

How to Make It:

The Board Walk game is super simple to make with just a few household materials!

What you need:

2 6-foot long 2 x 6 boards

Strong rope

A small puzzle in a sandwich bag without the picture of what it looks like

A drill

A stop watch (optional)

Putting it together:
Step 1: Cut your rope into six pieces. Each piece should be long enough to extend from someone’s foot up to their hand and include a little extra for comfort.

Step 2: From one end of a board, measure down the middle and place marks at 4”, 28”, and 52”. Drill a hole in each of these areas, making a slight recess on one side of the board for each hole. Do this on both boards.

Step 3: Run a piece of rope through each hole and tie a stopper knot in the end of it on the side of the board that has the recessed holes. The following steps will show how to tie a stopper knot:

1. Make a bight in the end of the rope.
2. Pass the end of the rope around the standing line twice to make 2 full turns.
3. Bring the end through the bight and pull tight. For this project, cut off the end after the knot.

Your boards are now ready to go!

How to Play:

With the two boards running parallel to each other, have three people stand on them in a line. Each person should have one foot on each board with the ropes just in front of each foot. Using the ropes as handles, they must work together to walk in unison on the boards to a destination point. Depending on the players’ ages and abilities, you can vary how far they must go.

At the destination point, the rest of their team will be waiting with the puzzle in the bag. Once the board walkers reach them, they can open their baggie and begin putting together their puzzle. The first team to complete the board walk and then the puzzle wins! If you only have 3 people per team, you can have the board walkers jump off their boards when they reach the destination and try to assemble the puzzle before the other team. Or, if you’re playing this with only one team, time yourselves and see if you can beat your previous times.

After a tiring game of Board Walk, feed your hungry campers this delicious Dutch Oven Fire Seasoned Rice Chili with some scrumptious Campfire Baked Apples for dessert!

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