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Adventurous RV Destination: Devil's Playground, Utah

Are you up for an adventure in one of the most fascinating geologic sites around? Get ready to camp out where you’ll find huge granite rock formations jutting up from the ground that formed millions of years ago! Fill up your tanks and get that generator exercised because we’re headed out to Devil’s Playground in Box Elder County, Utah! This is an adventurous RV destination so don’t plan on finding any heated pools, Wi-Fi hotspots, or cable TV out here!

What To Do

So, what is there to do out in the middle of nowhere? This is the perfect destination for motorized toys, geology lessons, and a glimpse of some old mines! Take a look at the amazing activities you can do while you visit Devil’s Playground!

Explore The Amazing Geologic Formations

Devil’s Playground took millions of years to form and the variation of rock, along with the unique formations, make this place a geologist’s dream. If you or your kids have any interest in geology, head out here and you won’t be disappointed! This would be a great home/road school field trip!

This area started with sedimentary rock formed 300 to 400 million years ago. Magma that bubbled up and spread out around 38 million years ago covered this sedimentary rock and cooled, creating a granite rock layer. Later, smaller pools of magma encroached on the granite forming pegmatites, which are igneous rock with quarts crystals throughout! Over the years, ground movement and weathering have had an erosive affect on this area creating a beautiful and unique place of many different types of rock configurations.

Rock and Mountain Climbing

As you work your way through Devil’s Playground you’ll find tons of rock formations that are great for rock climbing! They vary in shape, size, and angle so you’ll find something for pretty much any skill level. In the distance you will be able to see the Bovine Mountains, Ingham Peak, and Red Butte! Head out to one of these mountains for a longer climb!


There are tons of trails that run through the Devil’s Playground area but they’ve all been forged by previous visitors, and there’s no official set trail system to follow. You’ll find tons of two tracks left by off road vehicles, so if you have a toy hauler, load it up and head out here! You can hike the area but you need to be alert to your surroundings and pay attention to where you are. It’s mostly a flat area but you could still get lost if you just wander around aimlessly without paying attention.


If you head to the end of Prospect Road which is near Devil’s Playground you’ll find some old abandon mines. Around this area there’s still some old equipment left behind like an old truck, a compressor, and even a cabin. View this equipment and the mines from a distance. Due to the age and the fact that no one has maintained them, climbing on the equipment or going inside the mines could be very dangerous.


The Devil’s Playground is owned by the BLM, which allows dispersed camping, also known as boondocking. Boondocking here is free but you need to find a previously-used site. We were able to find coordinates that were referenced as camping spots by a few different people. All you have to do is copy the coordinates and then paste them into Google maps! The coordinates are N41° 31.893 W113° 41.349 and then N41° 31.891 W113° 41.163.

The nearest campground is actually about an hour and a half north. If you’re not able to stay at one of the boondocking sites or if you are looking for something a little more modern and are up for the drive, check out Clear Creek Campground. While this is not a resort, it has 12 sites, a picnic area, and toilets. It is first come, first serve so if you want to stay make sure you get there early! Click here for more information!

Getting to Devil’s Playground

If you just google “Devil’s Playground” you’ll find that there are a lot of places around the U.S. with this nickname. To avoid ending up in the wrong spot, we’ve got some directions for you!

  1. From I-84 take exit 5 onto UT-30

  2. Continue on UT-30 for about 67.7 miles and take a right on Devil’s Playground Road. This will take you right into the amazing area you’re seeking!

While it may not have the most appealing name, Devil’s Playground is an amazing place to connect with nature! This place isn’t a huge tourist trap so there are no lines and no crowds. You can take your time and enjoy the sightings of wildlife that call this place home.

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