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5 Best Board Games To Take RVing

When you’re cooped up indoors on a rainy day or during a period of severe weather, board games are an ideal go-to activity that the whole family can enjoy. They can also be a great choice for a relaxing activity after an active day under the hot sun. With so many different games out there, and with the limited amount of storage space you have, here are the 5 best board games to take RVing.


This word game by Hasbro Inc. is a great option for up to four campers, ages 8 and above. Not only will this board game challenge you to use your brain, but you might even learn some new words in the process!


This well-known game challenges players to a battle of strategy and intellect. While up to two players can compete against one another with this game, it is possible to play against yourself, making it a great option for both couples and solo RVers alike. If you’re not sure of how to play, checkers is a great substitute!


This classic game now comes in a range of varying editions from cat-opoly to Elvis-opoly. Some versions accommodate up to 8 players making Monopoly a great family game. Strategize and negotiate to accumulate properties and power, or you’ll risk going bankrupt at the hands of your competitors!


This unique game originated in China but has quickly spread in popularity all across the globe. While this board game puts your memory and observational skills to the test, it can still be played by campers as young as 4 years old!


This creative game lets you either show off your artistic abilities or embarrass yourself with your unrecognizable doodles. Because it can be played with such a high number of campers, this board game is great for larger groups looking to have some laugh-out-loud fun together!

Honorable Mentions

There are so many fun board games out there that are great for RVing. Here are some honorable mentions that didn’t quite make the cut.

  • Sorry!

  • Trivial Pursuit

  • Sequence

  • Cranium

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